19. Würzburger EMS-Tag


on 3 September 2020
Mainfrankensäle Veitshöchheim

The booking for participants has already been closed due to the limited number of seats available. Registration is now only possible for speakers and stand personnel of exhibitors.

The EMS-Tag is considered one of the most important events in the Electronics Manufacturing Services industry. Managing directors and executives of EMS providers (Electronics Manufacturing Services Providers), in-house manufacturers and their suppliers meet in Würzburg to learn about topics that move the industry.

These were some of the agenda highlights of the 2020 event

The European EMS industry in figures: Winners and losers, opportunities and risks

Dieter Weiss
Speaker: Dieter G. Weiss, Author of in4ma-Statistics

The ZVEI Technology Roadmap 2025 and its significance for the electronics industry

Bernd Enser
Speaker: Bernd Enser, Chief Operating Officer Semikron, Head of Technical Commission and Member of the Board ZVEI

Capitalism without capital: Why human capital becomes more important in the age of digitalisation

Prof. Gerald Mann
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Gerald Mann, Economist and Director of Studies at FOM Munich

Read here in our event review about the current and future developments in the EMS market (in German).