Review 2020

Reporting on the Würzburger EMS-Tag am 03. September 2020

Here you find the review of the EMS-Tag 2020 in Veitshöchheim.

18. Würzburger EMS-Tag: Der Markt schreit nach Konsolidierung (in German)

Der Markt für Electronic Manufacturing Services hat ein großes Potenzial – nur nicht für jeden. Etwa ein Drittel der EMS-Firmen wird in den nächsten Jahren vom Markt ver-schwinden. Branchenkenner, Marktakteure und Spezialisten zeigten beim Würzburger EMS-Tag, wie sich die EMS-Unternehmen verändern und aufstellen müssen, um im Wettbewerb Schritt zu halten. Lesen Sie hier die Nachberichterstattung zum EMS-Tag vom 03. September 2020 in Würzburg.

Take a look at the impressions of the 2020 event here:

Picture gallery 18. Würzburger EMS-Tag

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The ZVEI is committed to the common interests of the electrical industry in Germany and at the international level. This commitment is supported by the involvement of around 160 employees in the main office and about 5,000 employees of the member companies in an honorary capacity.

IPC is the only trade association that brings together all of the players in this industry: designers, board manufacturers, assembly companies, suppliers, and original equipment manufacturers. More than 5,400 companies around the world depend on IPC programs and services to further their competitive excellence and financial success.

iBFE - innovative Baugruppenfertigung in der Elektronik - is a network for practitioners for information exchange and knowledge transfer. The aim is to develop innovative approaches to the production of electronic assemblies. The members determine goals and contents of the projects and distribute the work on many shoulders: -
  • further develop electrical assembly and connection technology and reduce system costs
  • evaluate new materials and qualify new measuring and testing methods
  • develop innovative solutions and identify future opportunities for new technologies early on